Shop Fitting & Construction

In relation to shopfitting and installation equipment, VAG has a proven track record of excellently executed project management in terms ofmarket success, timeline and budget. We can ensure a perfect result with your food retail shop fit out because:

  • We oversee ona day-to-day basis all equipment and construction elements from factories to construction site.
  • We ensure excellent communication between client and all involved parties throughout the process.
  • We ensure very competitive prices for our customer’s budget due to our extensive knowledge and market presence.

Our management continually strives for enhancement in service qualityinorder to make sure all clients’ shopfitting needs are met. Moreover, we endeavor to cover successfully all aspects of local health requirements and safety on each and every project. We encourage continuous training and a culture of hygiene practices across all our businesspartners and clients. Because at VAG Shop Design, we know how important our clients’ targets are to them, and delivering customer satisfaction is our top priority. With this in mind, we continue till today to meet our clients’ needs with outstanding shopfits and constructions.